The KISS22 sailpan consists of just one wishboned mainsail. It will not need a boom. The KISS22-rig is slightly similar to a Windsurfer, but has differences too.

This mainsail is quite large and can easily compete with all sailing properties of a traditional main and jib combination.

The rigging of KISS22 is an unstayed, carbon-fibre constructed mast approx. 10 meters above the waterline. KISS22 has a modern square-topped mainsail of 24 m². This sail hoisted, the clew of the sail is much higher than would be with a traditional boom. The very end of the wishbone holds the sheetblock.

To illustrate the simplicity:
Only five lines
control the whole rigging to sail the KISS22-daysailer properly.

  1. Halyard
  2. Sheet
  3. Cunningham
  4. Snooter or choker. The snooter pulls the front end of the wishbone towards the mast, thereby flattening the sail and controlling the leach.
  5. The shoreline

Of the initially desired characteristics the following are now fulfilled:

  • the possibility to sail a tactical race
  • safety, stability and good balance
  • comfortable en simple to sail
  • easy to rig and un-rig
  • very little to no maintenance
  • ability to sail singlehandedly, or with partner, friend, (grand)child and even the dog.
  • sustainable construction

Would you like to know more?

Simply contact:
Albert Ekels
Phone: +31 653 314 126

Albert developed this daysailer KISS22 in close cooperation with the designer, builder, and support of many other knowledgeable competitive sailors.

As you will know ‘Kiss’ means : Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

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