Safe, stable and well balanced

Choosing a wishbone-rig fulfilled the first desired characteristic to get a easy-to-sail daysailer. The other important requirements concern safety, stability, balance and comfort.

Focussing on safety you will notice a self-bailing cockpit with enough grips and comfortable seating whether upright or heeled, The cockpit easily fits three adults. There is no need to hike out as the fixed keel with a ballast ratio of 50% provides ample stability.

The unstayed mast is very flexible fore and aft (to open up the leach), reducing heeling forces to a minimum.

Thanks to the  deck-layout you do not need to get out of the cockpit at any time. All trim lines lead back to the coachroof while the mainsheet is controlled from the centreline.

You hoist or lower the sail comfortably standing up in the hatch giving all support needed.

Seated on deck with the mainsheet under direct control, the helmsman has an unrestricted view aft and forward along the mast and to leeward underneath the sail, as there is no boom and the clew position is much higher.

KISS22 is equiped with a fixed wooden keel with a lead bulb at the end for maximum stability. A spade rudder is positioned as far aft as possible for easy steering and balance.

Of the desired characteristics most are now fulfilled:

  • safety, stability and good balance
  • comfortable and easy to sail
  • easy to rig and un-rig
  • little to no maintenance
  • suitable as a single-hander or as a daysailer with spouse, friend, (grand) child or dog.
  • sustainable construction

Would you like to know more?

Simply contact:
Albert Ekels
Phone: +31 653 314 126

Albert developed this daysailer KISS22 in close cooperation with the designer, builder, and support of many other knowledgeable sailors.

As you will know ‘KISS’ means : Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

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