The daysailer for every senior racing sailer

This is why we developed the KISS22

Many famous sailors -from Paul Elvstrom to Ted Hood- realised that most senior sailors look to find the right solution to keep sailing competitively in a comfortable way.

A couple of years ago this challenge was picked up again and with approximately a hundred experienced and knowledgeable mostly senior sailors we started a discussion to get to know their wishes, remarks and ideas on how to extend their sailing careers.

As you all know the abbreviation ‘Kiss’ stands for: Keep It Simple Sweetheart

Keeping it simple was one of the first goals set in developing the idea for a single-handed keelboat daysailer with the following characteristics:

  • offering the possibility to sail a tactical boatrace
  • safe, stable and good balance
  • comfortable and easy to sail
  • easy to rig and un-rig
  • easy on maintenance
  • suitable to sail singlehandedly or with a partner, friend, (grand)child or even the dog
  • a sustainable construction
  • additionally when the wind dies on you, an electric propulsion will take you home safely

And the result is: We did it!

In close cooperation with designer, boatbuilder and supported by ongoing discussions and input from our sailor-friends, KISS22 was developed.

We managed to include all essential characteristics into KISS22.

Here she is: LWL approx. 22’ / 6.90 meters, Width 8′ / 2.45 meters and depth of 3.6′ / 1.10 meters, wishbone rigged cat daysailer, equipped with an unstayed (carbon) mast. It will weigh approx. 680kg with a 50% balast ratio.

To sail and trim KISS22 you need only 5 lines, of which the 5th is your shoreline.

What fun it will be to be able to sail and race just on your own or if you prefer with partner, child or even grand-child.

Your crew does not even need to able to sail.

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